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Personal Information Policy


ALSIEON (hereinafter referred to as ‘company’) collects, uses, and provides personal information based on the user’s consent, and actively guarantees the user’s right to self-determination of personal information.

This personal information policy stipulates the grounds for access and use of your ALISEON web, app (hereinafter referred to as ‘platform’), and ALISEON OTT (hereinafter referred to as ‘OTT’) or services and applications (hereinafter referred to as ‘services’). ALISEON strives to protect and respect the valuable personal information provided by users. Please read the following carefully so that you can understand your information used by ALISEON.


1.      Information that can be collected from you

We can collect and process your information as follows: 

a.      Information provided when registering for the platform and other co-provided information (e.g., social media login), service subscription, data posting, or additional service request, and information provided by completing the form on the platform.

a-1) Mandatory

E-mail, password, name, contact information, service usage history, date of birth, etc.

a-2) Optional

Gender, location (Terms and Conditions for location-based service exists separately), shipping address information (receiver’s name, delivery address, phone number, etc.), purchase and payment details in services (Payment with a credit card: credit card number, card company name and etc. Account transfer: account holder name, account number, etc.  COD payment: additional policy needed)

b.      Information provided when participating in promotions, events, etc. through our platform, reviews, evaluation, or feedback on our platform, etc.

c.      Information provided by you when you report a problem to the company or information which can be collected by you.

d.      Communication records (including recording) when you contact us.

e.      General, aggregation (including traffic aggregation), demographics, and non-personal information.

f.       If you download or use our mobile application, you can access details about your location and mobile device, including a unique identifier for your device.

f-1) Terms and Conditions for location-based exists separately.

f-2) Terms and Conditions for the unique identification number exists separately.

f-3) In the case of access to detailed information on a mobile device, it can be set in a mobile environment.

g.      Details of the transactions you have conducted and your order fulfillment through our platform.

h.      Information on general Internet use (e.g., saving information in devices such as cookies, tracking, etc. and pixels, web beacons, etc. the “cookie” which uses a technology accessing to the devices), including IP address, operating system, and browser type (but not limited thereto)

i.       Your email address collected from a third party if a third party indicates that they have agreed to share your information with us.

j.       Other information needed to enhance your experience when using the platform.


2.      How to collect your information

 ALISEON collects information about you in the following ways.

a.      A member agrees to the Privacy Policy and enters the member’s information on the way of using sign-up and services.

b.      When personal information is provided from affiliated services or organizations, etc.

c.      Information from Web pages, mail, fax, telephone, etc. through consultation with the customer center, etc.

d.      Participating in online/offline events, promotions, etc.


3.      How to use your information

 We can use information about you in the following ways.

a.      Identification of members/ confirmation of intention to join, identification of age, prevention of fraudulent use, etc.

b.      Confirmation of consent from a legal representative when collecting personal information of children under the age of 14 and persons with physical disabilities prescribes by UAE statutes and verifying the legal representative when exercising his rights.

c.      If you agree to be contacted with information, products, or services that you may request or be interested in.

d.      When providing location information-based services such as advertisements, search results, and other personal identification contents (Terms and Conditions for location-based service exists additionally)

e.      Performance of our obligations arising from other entities using our platform or contracts concluded with you.

f.       Information for delivery and payment settlement to provide a convenient shopping experience.

g.      Improve our services and provide you with better personalized services.

h.      Provide an effective way to make your content access our platform.

i.       Prevention and sanctions against acts that interfere with the smooth operation of services (including account theft and fraudulent use, etc.)

j.       Other reasons for improving the platform experience.

k.      Records of service use, statistics on access frequency and service use, establishment of a service environment in terms of privacy protection and for improvement of services.

l.       To notify you of the change in our service.

m.    To manage incentive programs, fulfill incentive requests, participate in prize events, and inform the prize winners.


4.      Subjects to disclose your information

 ALISEON does not provide personal information to third parties without prior consent from users. However, we only share your information with only businesses in accordance with protection practices as described in this privacy policy.


a.      Third Party: We may cooperate with our affiliates or non-affiliated service providers (e.g., logistics operators, marketing companies, payment processors for online transaction processing, etc.) to provide you with services. To help you use the service more efficiently, the third party who cooperates with us can view your transaction information that can be stored in your digital wallet. You understand and agree that accessing relevant information by a third party, who cooperates with us, is important to improve our quality of service. We guarantee that third parties who cooperate with us will not use your information for any other purpose. We can also receive information (e.g., updated delivery and address information) from these businesses, which we can use. (e.g., to modify the records and for the next shipping) By using our platform you agree with us or our non-affiliated service providers to transfer, save, use and disclose your information, regardless of your location. These businesses are obligated to respect the confidentiality of your information.

b.      Marketing and Promotion Benefits: We also provide information about the products and services you may be interested in and use your information to enhance your platform experience, service messages, new features, improvements, special offers and events of your interest. We can contact you through a variety of channels including email, push notifications, web notifications, mail, phone calls, in-app messages, and news feed cards. (Terms and Conditions for marketing reception agreement exists) In addition, you may also be asked to provide additional information to participate in some market research activities, including promotions and events. This information may be collected by us or our co-sponsors and suppliers for promotions, events, etc. You should review the Privacy Policy of other companies to acknowledge how the companies use the information collected.

c.      Business transfer: When acquiring most of our company or our assets, customer information is one of the transferred assets.

d.      Our platform and other protection: We disclose accounts and other information when we determine that such disclosure is appropriate to comply with laws and enforcement processes and to protect the rights, property of safety of users or others. This includes exchanging information with other companies and organizations for a variety of reasons, such as fraud prevention and credit risk reduction.


Our platform can sometimes contain links to partner networks, advertisers, and affiliates’ websites. If you follow a link to these websites, they have their own privacy policies, and we are not responsible for them. Please check this policy before submitting your personal information or other information to these websites.


5.      How to save information

 Information collected from you may be transmitted and stored to destinations other than the UAE. It can also be handled by employees working for us or partners outside of the UAE. Employees handling this may, above all, be involved in fulfilling orders, processing payment details, and providing support services. We store your information if necessary, or if it is allowed by law or in the range of requirements to achieve the objectives specified in this Privacy Policy. Your information may be transmitted, stored, processed, and used by our affiliates or non-affiliated service providers outside of your country. Your payment details may, above all, be transferred and stored to our affiliates to process your payment details and provide you with support services.


6.      Security actions that we apply.

 Your information shall be protected safely by this Private Policy, and We maintain technical, administrative, and physical safety measures commercially or reasonably to protect your information from unauthorized access, change, disclosure, or disposal of your information. For example, we use the external firewall and in-host firewall technology to prevent network attacks. In addition, we use encryption technology to protect your information while it is sending to our platform. Only authorized employees, contractors, and agents who need to know your information regarding service performance can access the information. We safely protect your information by concluding trade secrets agreements with the personnel who may access customers’ personal information.

It is important to protect your password or devices to access our service from unauthorized, stolen access. You are responsible for keeping your password confidential. We do our best to protect your information, but information transmission over the Internet is not completely safe. Therefore, your information protection sent to our platform cannot be full guaranteed, so you must take the risk of all transmissions by yourself.


7.      How can I access and modify the information?

 You can confirm your information or access a wide range of information about your account and interactions with the platform to update your information in several cases.

Examples of information which can be easily accessible on the platform are as follows:

a.      Latest information on recent orders.

b.      Personal identification information (including name, email, password, communication, and personalized advertising preferences)

c.      Personal biometric information (fingerprint, voice, hand vein, iris pattern, face shape, hand shape, etc.)

d.      Payment settings (including credit card information)

e.      Email, mobile notification settings.

You can refuse to receive future marketing communication at any time by adjusting the customer communication settings. (The agreement exists related to the consent to receiving marketing services)

In addition, our system installs cookies when you log in to our platform, which is intended to provide users with a pleasant experience and take advantage of all aspects of the platform. You can deactivate cookies by changing settings in your browser. When you deactivate cookies, it affects how our platform works and may deny or disable access to certain areas or entire functions of the platform. For example, performance cookies collect information about how to use the site (e.g., the most frequently visited page) and provide targets which improves the site experience and related choices. We may hold a copy of your information for compliance with regulations. When you update your information, we can keep a copy of the previous version.


8.      Destructions of personal information

 Personal information will be destroyed without delay when the purpose of collection and use is achieved, and the procedures and methods are as follows.


In the case of omniscient file types, it is safely deleted to prevent recovery and reproduction, and in the case of other records, prints, documents, etc., it is crushed or incinerated and destroyed. However, according to the internal policy, the information to be stored for a certain period and then destroyed is as follows.

a: The information below will be kept for up to three years as of the date of withdrawal and then destroyed.

         -To send notice email and respond to CS inquiries, the ALISEON account and email address for withdrawal notice is encrypted and stored.

b: Record of participation in the event through a third party: Keep it for up to 3 years as of the date of withdrawal and destroy it.

         -The event participation record information stored through a third party shall be in accordance with the privacy policy within the service when using services other than ours, and ALISEON shall not be responsible for this.

c: Service fraudulent usage record: Keep it for up to 10 years as of the date of withdrawal and destroy it.


In addition, ALISEON separately stores or deletes the personal information of members who have not used the service for a year, and the information which is separately stored shall be destroyed without delay after storing 3 years.

9.      What happens if I change the personal information protection policy?

 Since ALISEON is constantly changing and developing, privacy policies are also changed and developed. We will post the latest version of this privacy policy on the platform, and each of these changes will take effect when it is posted on the platform or on the date specified as “valid date, effective date”.

We regularly send notifications regarding the notice and conditions via e-mail and mobile, but if you have not agreed to receive marketing or would like to check recent changes, please check the notice on our platform carefully.

Privacy policies should be checked regularly. If you continue to use the platform after the change, you will be considered to have agreed to the revised privacy policy even if you have not confirmed the changed privacy policy.


10.  How to reach us

 If you have any concerns about your information protection, please contact

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